Wedding Vows

The best way to write your vows is to think about all of the things you would like to promise each other and what you both want your marriage to be.
  • When you say your vows you are publicly declaring your commitment to each other therefore you need to remember all of your guests will witness these vows so choose your words carefully to ensure an honest and unashamed declaration.
  • Never go into private details you have about each other as this could be embarrassing
  • Your vows could include being a supportive partner through changing times and living together
  • Your vows could also include trust, compassion and sharing in the marriage.
  • Try to keep it short and sweet using well-chosen, meaningful words.
  • Practice your vows by going over them aloud in front of a mirror or with a friend
  • It is better to have your vows on a card or piece of paper as memorising the words could put you under unnecessary pressure on the day.
  • Speak slowly, pausing for breaths and allowing everyone to take in the words you are saying.
  • Breathe and relax.
  • Promise to make your partner happy and promise to always be there for each other

The vows you say when you get married and also if you are renewing your vows, should be:

  • promises about your future together
  • respect for one another
  • your love for one and other and more..