A naming ceremony is a special non-religious ceremony,

This ceremony is to celebrate the birth of your child or children or to welcome an adopted child or stepchild into a new family.

Becoming a step-parent, step-brother or step-sister is a big event in all families and one worthy of celebrating.

It may be that your child/children will be taking on the surname of a step-parent following your marriage or civil partnership. A Naming Ceremony gives you a perfect opportunity to acknowledge this change of name either afterwards or as part of your marriage/civil partnership ceremony.

Our friendly and professional staff can perform a naming ceremony that gives you the opportunity to make an open commitment to parenthood in the presence of your family and friends.

The ceremony also provides an opportunity for you to formally announce the chosen names and your commitments to the child.

The child or children can be of any age.

Please note, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies have no legal standing and cannot be used for identification purposes.

Ceremonies can be performed at any of our registration offices or at a venue of your choice.

Please contact the Registrar for the fees or for further information.